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Refinance Home Loan

Refinancing involves when you change your current home loan to a new one that satisfies your current financial situation. Our expert mortgage brokers ensure you’re getting the best deal with refinancing home loan options.

There are several different types of refinancer loans including:

  • Variable home loans
  • Fixed home loans
  • Split home loans
  • Toggle offset loans

Step: 1 Home Loan Health Check

A home loan health check can take as little as 15-20 minutes to complete. It can unlock a world of benefits including interest rate, maturity rate and more. Our expert team can advise you the best home loan product.

 Step: 2 Pre-approval

Our experienced mortgage brokers will determine the amount of equity you have in your property and suggest suitable type of loan that would fit your needs.

Step 3: Save or Upgrade

We make the process as seamless as possible and help you get the best refinancing deal. We make sure that you can save some money with the lower rates and fees.